September 23, 2013

Campaign Misunderstanding addressed

The recent Team DiotteForMayor video about the proposed Edmonton downtown arena has caused controversy.

We meant it as a message that the financial side of the downtown arena deal was not fair and stinks for taxpayers.
There was never any intended suggestion that was untoward about a fine local business (Blue Plate Diner) that gave us permission to shoot the video there.
As mayor I’d fight to make sure any overruns on the $605 million downtown arena district project are paid by the Katz Group, not taxpayers. That was the message of the video.
But the Blue Plate Diner has been attacked by people who clearly do not support the Kerry Diotte for Mayor campaign.
The restaurant was attacked because they allowed us, with permission, to shoot a video on the topic for our campaign.
We thank them for allowing us to do the video at their establishment, but because it has caused unwanted controversy, we have removed the video from our website.
Thank you.
– Kerry

Kerry Diotte is seeking to be the Conservative Party of Canada MP in the federal riding of Edmonton-Griesbach. As the Edmonton-Griesbach candidate for the Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, Kerry Diotte will run in a fall 2015 federal election against candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada led by Justin Trudeau and the New Democratic Party of Canada led by Thomas Mulcair.

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  • Ben Johnson

    One of the new aspects of all elections today is the fact that big business will do all they can to destroy all who do not act in their interests. I want the arena killed, it never was in our interests to build it. There is nothing wrong with the Coliseum, except that Katz isn’t getting all the money from it.

    • El Scott


  • Tom Young

    All three mayoral candidates are in favour of a “Guaranteed Maximum Price” for the arena construction. In fact, this approach has been clearly established and is already underway:
    Is there something different you propose to do if elected mayor?

  • Rabin Mendis

    Mr. Diotte: I am disappointed with your ad and I am glad that you have decided to pull it. I am not interested in your conclusions (that the deal stinks). What I am interested in the evidence that brings you to that conclusion. My understanding is that there will be no tax increase and that there is a net economic gain including the obvious gain to Mr.Katz. As long as we all benefit I have no issue with that. If my understanding is correct, please provide me with the evidence that I am mistaken. I and I am sure most others are quite capable of evaluating the information and coming to our own conclusions rather than simply being told “the deal stinks”. All we need is all the relevant unbiased information that is available. And please no more infrastructure deficits. I have had enough of our Klienesque save a penny to spend a dollar later philosophy! Many thanks, Mr. Diotte!!

  • El Scott

    Please re-post the video!!!! For those of us who have not viewed, without a frame of reference, it is not possible to bring fair acumen to the table as to what everyone is ranting about. I frequent this great foodie place, in no way shape or form is this going to negatively harm them. It’s a good publicity profile for them, in fact brings on their cozy scenester joint into the light. Politics get heated and so do people. Peace.