March 30, 2020

COVID-19 info from MP Kerry Diotte

I’m here for you

My staff and I have been kept busy helping travellers return to Canada after the federal government ordered them to do so.

A couple of cases come to mind — requests to assistance constituents in Peru, Morocco and on a ship in the South Pacific. 

We’ve also been helping folks to get COVID-19-related benefits promised by the feds and province. 

We’re here to help.

But I’m also interested to know your situation. Are you working from home or an office or shop? Have you been laid off? Are you feeling ill and have to be in isolation? 

Are you getting the help you need from various levels of government or other organizations? Have you had good service or bad when you’ve sought help and information? What can be done to improve the response to COVID-19 and all the challenges of living in these exceptional times? Let me know. I’m always interested in your feedback. 

There are lots of challenges ahead but if my staff and I can answer any questions, point you in the right direction or navigate some red tape we’ll do our best.

All the best, to you and your loved ones. Stay healthy! My e-mail is

Edmonton Griesbach cruise ship couple safe

Here’s an update on the story of two Edmonton Griesbach constituents of mine who were aboard the ill-fated Norwegian Jewel cruise ship.

They were among 350 Canadians (and at least a half dozen Edmontonians) aboard the vessel that’d been turned away from allowing passengers to disembark at multiple ports even though there were no cases aboard of COVID-19. 

They reached out to me and I liaised with Global Affairs to try to help.

Good news they where eventually allowed to disembark and are now safely back in Canada.

If you are a Canadian abroad in need of assistance please contact me. As your Member of Parliament I’m here to help. 

“Norwegian Jewel passengers are finally leaving the once-stranded cruise ship” Link

You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Authority of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811. 

What is social distancing?





What is self-isolation?




Benefits available for you and your family

See below for information of measures Parliament has passed to help you and your family: 

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Employment Insurance

Tax and benefit changes to help Canadians





Support for Canadian workers and businesses 





Canadians returning home

There are Compulsory rules for Canadians who return home.





Help from the Government of Alberta




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