June 29, 2020

Can you get a perfect score on my Canada quiz?

As a newspaper columnist at the Edmonton Sun for many years, one of my favourite fun things to do was to create an annual Canada Day quiz for readers.

I decided to revisit that idea.

I hunted around the internet and came up with some cool trivia questions to help celebrate Canada Day and our Canadian nation — the greatest country in the world.

Dive in and see how well you score.



1) In what Canadian province is the town of Witless Bay? 
a) New Brunswick b) Newfoundland and Labrador c) Quebec.

2) What football team has won the most Grey Cups? 
a) Edmonton Eskimos b) Winnipeg Blue Bombers c) Toronto Argonauts.

3) Explorer Samuel de Champlain landed in 1604 at a location that’s now home to what city?
a) Saint John, New Brunswick b) Quebec City, Quebec c) Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4) What Canadian band had a hit single covering The Rolling Stones’ tune Under My Thumb?
a) Trooper b) Loverboy c) Streetheart.

5) The name “Canada” is said to have come from the Huron-Iroquois word, kanata.What does it mean?
a) river country b) village or settlements c) cold place.

6) How many points are on a maple leaf?
a) 11 b) 7 c) 5.

7) How long is Canada’s border with the United States of America?
a) 5,761 kms b) 8,891 kms c) 3,562 kms.

8) According to digitalmusicnews.com<http://digitalmusicnews.com> what Canadian artist’s album had worldwide sales that outsold Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, The Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever and the The Beatles’ album Abbey Road? 
a) Reckless, Bryan Adams b) Come On Over, Shania Twain c) American Woman, The Guess Who.

9) Of these three things, what was NOT a Canadian invention? 
a) baby pablum b) IMAX movie system c) the Zamboni.

10) What celebrated Second World War Canadian soldier is reputed to have single-handedly liberated an entire town from the Nazis?
a) David Currie b) Tommy Prince c) Leo Major.

11) How many Oscar awards were won by the movie Titanic, that was directed by Kapuskasing, Ont.-born James Cameron?
a) 4 b) 11 c) 8.

12) Why is Alberta’s James Gladstone famous? 
a) Won three Stanley Cups coaching Toronto Maple Leafs b) Shot down 15 enemy aircraft in World War One c) Became first Indigenous Canadian senator when nominated by Conservative PM John Diefenbaker.

Check your answers here:






What I love about Canada 

When I think about what makes Canada great, I think about my late friend Paul Lefaivre.

I met Paul when I was writing a story on the 50th anniversary of D-Day.

Paul was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy.

On June 6, 1944 he went ashore on the beaches of Normandy aboard a landing craft.

He told me his story of that fateful day that included seeing an incredible array of marine vessels and planes and experiencing the acrid smell of gunpowder.

When I asked him why he signed up for combat service he said “it was just the thing to do. Your buddies were going and you didn’t want to be left out.”

Like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, when the world needed them, they were there.

Their everyday courage is one of the many reasons that make Canada great.

Paul passed away in 2018 at the age of 94. I’ll always remember him as a rocksolid guy and Canadian hero.

Why you love Canada

“One winter morning as I was walking away from my son’s elementary school, I could hear someone running their tires, stuck in the snow. There was a cute little sport car, just digging deeper.  I wasn’t the only one looking.  I asked if she wanted me to push and she said yes.  All it took was one person to put their hands on the car and there were half a dozen people there to help push. A guy offered to drive it out of the rut she had made and there you go, problem solved.  She drove away, we smiled at each other and carried on. No names, just helping out.” — Marie F.

“Canadians do things because they know they are the right thing to do. Canada has a troubled past and a troubled present. We still have a long way to go to ensure everyone has equal access to the rights and freedoms promised in our Canadian Charter. However, I also know that many Canadians are working every day towards this goal. That they won’t give up until all people are safe and free. And for that, I am proud.” — Angela H. 

“I love Canada because here you are free to live, think and do what you want.”  — Alex C. 


Latest news on COVID-19 

You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Authority of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811.




Benefits for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family. 

Remember: The way the government set up CERB you need to reapply every four weeks. 




Liberals failed to close borders early

On the day Australia closed its borders to China, Canada had four confirmed COVID-19 cases, all linked to travel from China. At the time, the Trudeau government was still committed to the idea that travel bans don’t work and even suggested that those proposing them might be racist.

The U.S. had declared a public health emergency the day before, and the New England Journal of Medicine had published a report saying that COVID-19 could be spread by asymptomatic carriers. Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Canada saw no need to declare an emergency and that Health Canada had seen no evidence of asymptomatic spread.

“We’re comfortable that we’re completely up to date in terms of our approach and what the science says. There is a very low risk to Canadians,” Hajdu said on Jan. 31. “We’ve been following closely the recommendations of the World Health Organization.”

On February 3, the U.S. followed Australia’s lead and froze travel with China. Asked in the Commons why Canada was not doing the same, Hajdu denounced “the spread of misinformation and fear across Canadian society” and called on the opposition to “not sensationalize the risk to Canadians.”

Wesley Wark is one of Canada’s leading experts on intelligence. He said Hajdu’s low-risk assessment would dominate government thinking for at least another four weeks, as documented by the daily situational reports produced by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

“(The reports) said throughout that the risk posed by COVID-19 to Canada and Canada’s interests was low,” Wark said.

“That is, in my view, an astonishing failure of judgment, and it means as far as I’m concerned that a radical rethink has to take place in how we do global health surveillance.

(Read the full column by Evan Dyer, CBC here)


You said it

I love to hear feedback from constituents and others who offer it via emails, letters and social media.

Here are a couple of recent comments:

“Yes. Our thank you to all the members of the police force in protecting our community. God bless them and their families.” — Mary F.

“Trudeau. The most corrupt prime minister ever in Canada. Always favouritism for his favs. Sickening.” — Christine P.

“According to our socalled PM we have nothing to be proud of…god knows our federal gov’t leaves a lot to be desired!!!” — Brett N. 

“Thank you for your comments on policing. We need our police services so very much. We also need to figure out what more we can do to help people achieve their goals. To some that is a house, to others best schools for their children but I think respect.might top the list. Name calling seems to be a sport. We have gone far, I think, on procedural changes but we are not procedures, we are humans and somehow ‘human’ must be put back into the equation.” — Maureen M. 

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