September 15, 2020

It’s clear that the Liberals failed to prepare Canada for COVID-19

Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu has claimed that she was fully briefed about the dangers COVID-19 posed to Canada as early as December.

Yet, despite the grave threat she waited three whole months before taking any action!

Acting during those crucial early months could’ve saved countless lives. Instead that time was wasted!

Despite knowing the danger, the Liberals were claiming that the risks of COVID-19 were low up until March 15.

In early February when we Conservatives were calling for the border to be closed to affected areas — as other countries were doing — the Liberals refused.

Hajdu said on February 17: “The long-term implications of shutting down borders is they’re not very effective at controlling disease. In fact, they’re not very effective at all.” It was even claimed that closing borders to COVID-19 hotspots was racist.

It wasn’t till March 16 that the Liberals did a U-turn and finally closed our borders to international travel.

This was a crucial step, but it should’ve been taken sooner.

The Liberal failure to act is even more shocking when it’s clear they were briefed about the danger of COVID-19.

The Canadian Military briefed the government on January 17 and allied intelligence had clearly indicated the severity of the threat.

There have also been reports from current and former staff of Health Canada who’ve said experienced scientists’ voices weren’t being heard in first few weeks of the outbreak. To make matters worse the Liberals in May 2019 had even canceled the program that was designed to gather intelligence and provide early warning of global pandemics.

Evidence shows that countries that took the risks seriously from the get-go — like Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand — have had dramatically better outcomes than countries that failed to act early.

If only our government had done the same. 

Media bias has never been more clear

Green activists slam Trudeau’s renewable energy plan

Edmonton Journal

It’s no surprise to see conservatives upset about Justin Trudeau’s new “Just Recovery” plan to spend mega-billions on green energy.

After all, the plan will plunge a country already drowning in debt so deep that we’ll likely smash our head on the bottom of the pool.

Trudeau’s green dream scheme is getting major input from Gerald Butts and Bruce Lourie, two of the same green gurus who more than a decade ago helped concoct a costly Ontario solar and wind energy build. That scheme,according to Ontario’s auditor general, led to more frequent power outages, doubled consumer electricity prices in one decade, and will add an extra $170 billion for Ontario electricity consumers by 2032.

Conservatives stake their honour on looking out for taxpayers and fighting for business efficiency, so it’s little wonder they shudder at the thought of what Trudeau might now offer up.

But green and social justice advocates, such as director Jeff Gibbs and producer Ozzie Zehner of Planet of the Humans, the popular documentary on hidden environmental costs of solar, wind and biofuels, also have doubts, though of a different kind, about Trudeau’s plan.

(Read the full article by David Staples, Edmonton Journal here)

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Last week I asked folks if they were concerned with the bullying and aggressive actions of Communist China? 

People unanimously said they were concerned.

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