October 11, 2020

I count my blessings this Thanksgiving weekend

Member of Parliament
Edmonton Griesbach
Thanksgiving is a time to our count blessings. I’ll do so.
I’m blessed to live in a democratic, peaceful country like Canada where people are largely accepted and we can prosper no matter our race, creed or gender. 
Scores of people in other nations aren’t so lucky. That’s why so many people want to come to this great country.
I’m thankful to have grown up in a small northern Ontario city like Sault Ste. Marie where I learned from an early age to cherish and respect the great outdoors by enjoying pursuits like canoeing, boating, camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.
I’m blessed to have had loving parents and to be brought up experiencing and enjoying our Finnish, French-Canadian/Metis cultures. We’re fortunate to live in a country as welcoming and culturally diverse where people proudly celebrate their roots and are fiercely proud of being Canadian.
I’m thankful for the joy and laughter my four siblings and I have shared over our lifetime — and while my oldest sister Karen and brother Bob have passed away — my fond memories of them will never die.
I’m truly blessed for the love and support of my amazing wife Clare who helps me to be the best I can be day in and day out.
I’m thankful for having had many great teachers and professors over the years who truly inspired me. Two who stand out: My Grade 8 teacher Austin Hawley always comes to mind as does my university political science professor Don Jackson.
I’m blessed to have a multitude of friends and relatives who care and support me at every turn.
And speaking of support … I’m thankful to each and every person who has supported one or more of my political campaigns with their endorsements, advice, work or donations. 
Few people succeed without having a great team behind them. I’ve always had the A-Team in my corner when it comes to support and still do.
Thanks to each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this humble list. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We really do have a lot of blessings to count.
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