October 13, 2020

The Liberals are failing on COVID-19 testing

The Liberals are failing Canadians on rapid COVID-19 testing.

Scores of other developed countries including the United Kingdom, France, Australia and the United States have rapid COVID-19 testing available — some with results in just 15 minutes. 

Canadians on the other hand are waiting hours if not days before we can get tested and even longer for the results.

Rapid testing would help out moms and dads with decisions about sending their kids to schools, could help local businesses stay open and would help keep us all safe.

Yet, under the Liberals it hasn’t been a priority. 

See the video below of my friend and colleague Michelle Rempel Garner the Shadow Minister for Health holding the Liberal health minister accountable.  

Halloween still on, but please take precautions 

Alberta Public Health has issued guidelines to ensure, you, your family and our communities can have a spooky but safe All Hallows’ Eve. 




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Liberals labelling plastic as “toxic” will hurt Alberta

The Globe and Mail

The federal government announced on Thursday that it would ban six categories of single-use plastic items, including straws, cutlery and grocery bags, by the end of next year as part of a plan to eliminate plastic waste by 2030.

Ottawa also intends to designate “plastic manufactured items” as toxic under Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which will allow the government to regulate and limit certain products without tabling new legislation.

Alberta was quick to push back. The province argued labelling plastic items as toxic will hurt its efforts to rebuild its economy, which was struggling long before the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically reduced demand for oil.

On Friday, Mr. Kenney said the plastic announcement would be “added to our list” of areas where the federal government is harming the province.

(Read the full article by James Keller, the Globe and Mail here)

Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks if they thought we should have stiffer penalties for those found guilty of vandalizing public monuments.      

The clear majority said they would support tougher penalties for those criminal acts. See the results below.    

A big thanks to everyone who took part in the survey. 

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Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811.


Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family. 




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