October 26, 2020

The Liberals threaten election in an attempt to cover up scandals

We’re in the middle of a second wave of the pandemic.

No one should want an election right now! 

Yet, last week Justin Trudeau threatened to send Canadians to the polls in an attempt to cover up his latest scandal. 

Canadians learned this summer that the Liberals gave a sole sourced contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to WE Charity, a Liberal friendly organization. 

WE was so Liberal friendly that not only did the then-Minister of Finance Bill Morneau’s daughter work for them, he’d also “forgotten” to pay off a $41,000 vacation expense.

WE even paid the prime minister’s family hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Despite this clear conflict of interest neither the prime minister nor minister of finance recused themselves when the government gave WE the sole sourced contract. 

Since, the scandal has come to light, the Liberals have done everything possible to bury it. 

When Parliamentary committees began to investigate, Trudeau prorogued Parliament. 

When documents were requested they were heavily blacked out.

When Parliament resumed Liberal MPs spent hours filibustering to stop an investigation.

MP Wayne Easter, the Liberal chair of the finance committee, has even inappropriately cancelled committee meetings to prevent scrutiny.

And now when Opposition parties call for a committee to investigate the scandal they threaten to call an election. 

There must be something pretty damning in the documents for the Liberals to go to these lengths to prevent Canadians from learning the truth.

Never in Canadian history has a procedural motion to form a committee been declared a matter of confidence. 

Yet, that’s exactly what Trudeau did to try to stop scrutiny. 

Our democratic system, is built on the government being accountable to Parliament. 

For the prime minister to threaten to call an election — during a pandemic — because he doesn’t want scrutiny is completely out of step with the principles of our democracy. 

Happy to tour the new Bissell Centre

Glad to tour the impressive, soon-to-open Bissell Centre Child Care Centre that will serve families in my riding of Edmonton Griesbach. Thanks for all the good work your organization does.

Great to see our cultural heritage prominently displayed   

Cool Year of the Rat mural in Edmonton’s Chinatown.

Help is available to preserve our history  

Library and Archives Canada is providing support for eligible organizations to help maintain our historic documents. 

We have such a proud history here in Edmonton and it’s worth preserving. 

Find out if you’re eligible at the link below.




Stay safe this Halloween 

This Saturday is Halloween — as if 2020 wasn’t scary enough. 

Alberta Public Health has offered useful COVID-19 guidelines to celebrate safely.  

Check out these guidelines at the link below and have a safe Halloween! 



Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks what they thought of the Liberals filibustering the ethics committee to prevent a vote on WE Charity documents. 

Most people thought it was a coverup.

As your Member of Parliament, I’m committed to holding the Liberal government accountable.

A big thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

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