November 30, 2020

Civil servants got full pay while not working

Since the COVID pandemic struck, one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most-repeated mantra’s was “we’re all in this together.”

That infers everyone has to pitch in equally and make sacrifices.

But it appears some people have been more isolated from the hard-times inflicted by COVID than others.

The daily House of Commons Question Period is famous for the fact that government MPs almost never give a straight answer to a direct question. (Maybe that’s why it’s called Question Period, not Answer Period).

So one tool available is called an Order Paper Question, whereby any Member of Parliament can ask a pointed and tough question in writing to government departments and individuals and they’re mandated to respond.

I filed an Order Paper Question months ago to find out just how many federal civil servants have been at home and are being paid despite not actually doing any work.

The answer I received might shock you.

In the civil service they have a special type of leave called “other leave with pay” or 699 leave.

Looking at the numbers provided to my Order Paper Question reveals a whopping 38% or 111,577 employees were approved for so-called 699 leave since March.

That represents about 18.19 million hours of paid leave for federal government workers.

This all came at a time when hundreds of thousands of other Canadians lost their jobs entirely.

It also came amid reports that 200,000 Canadian businesses are at risk of permanent closure.

In Canada, we need good, hard-working civil servants and many of them are just that — because I know many of them.

But Canadians would be right to be upset that so many of those civil servants were getting full salaries while actually having no work to do at all.

Those same Canadians are also right to be cynical when they hear the prime minister say “we’re all in this together.” Obviously some Canadians have fared far better than others.

Here’s a Toronto Sun article based on these work statistics I demanded and received through my Order Paper Question:

What do you think of this situation? As usual, your comments are always welcome.


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I had a great talk with members of the Edmonton Friends of Hong Kong group

Glad to have a Zoom meeting with this group fighting against the Communist crackdown against democracy in Hong Kong. (Many in this group don’t want to be photographed for fear of repercussions being carried out against them from the Communist regime).

Trudeau misinforms about misinformation

Toronto Sun

Proving yet again that what goes around comes around, the Trudeau Liberals, having accused the Conservatives all last week of spreading fake news about COVID-19, finished off the week on Friday by spreading fake news about the Conservatives and COVID-19.

That occurred when the Prime Minister’s Office issued a release just after 4:30 pm.

It said in a just-completed phone call with Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had “raised concerns around COVID-19 misinformation being promoted by Conservative Members of Parliament, given Conservative MPs recently downplayed the deaths of Canadians in Alberta due to COVID-19 and compared COVID-19 to the flu.”

The problem was the phone call wasn’t scheduled until 45 minutes later at 5:15 pm.

(You can read the full column by Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun at the link below.)




Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks if they supported Trudeau’s ‘reset’ plan.

People overwhelmingly said they didn’t support Trudeau’s plan to “reset” the economy. 

I hear you. We’re in the middle of a crisis. This isn’t the time for “reimagining” the economy and toy with our future. We need the government to focus on prioritizing Canadians lives and livelihoods not creating even more uncertainty. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part. 


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