January 4, 2021

New Year’s resolutions Canadians deserve

Happy New Year to you!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

The new year is traditionally a time when people get a fresh start and make personal resolutions. If you make resolutions this year, I wish you great success.

But as we enter 2021 here are a few resolutions I’d suggest Canadians want to see Justin Trudeau and his Liberals make:

— resolve to formulate a competent vaccine plan for all Canadians who want to be vaccinated. Vaccines are an important public health tool and the Liberal government has failed to be transparent in their vaccine rollout.

— resolve to make a thorough economic update. The Liberals have added hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt. That’s money that we’ll eventually have to pay back. Canadians need accountability and a clear path towards fiscal stability.

— resolve to tackle unemployment. Despite massive spending by the Liberals, Canadians are still being left behind. Canada continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates amongst the G7. Yet, even at a time when Canadians have been hit hard, the Liberals continue to jack up our taxes.

One personal ongoing resolution I’d like to make is to assure you that if you need help with a federal issue, I’m here for you in 2021 just as I’ve been since I was elected in 2015. Please contact my office. You can reach me by phone at: (780) 495-3261 or by e-mail at: kerry.diotte@parl.gc.ca

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy year!

Small businesses can reap staff wage subsidies

Small businesses and not-for-profits can now apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program for 2021.




Glad to fight for this child, Reign, and his family. It’s really a heart-breaking situation. With Zolgensma now approved in Canada, we’re one step closer to ensuring Reign and other children with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy get the help they need. 




In the news

Lastest straw poll results 

In my last e-newsletter I asked folks if they supported the Liberals’ massive carbon tax hike.

The clear majority said they don’t support the tax hike.

A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Have your say

Team Canada Juniors jumped off to an amazing 4-0 record in the 2021 World Juniors held in Edmonton and Red Deer.

Do you think Canada is going to continue our tradition of winning and take home the gold for the 19th time?

Have your say in my new unofficial poll. I’ll publish the results in next week’s e-newsletter. 






Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811.

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family. 





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