January 25, 2021

Trudeau must fight for pipeline

Today in the House of Commons I told Justin Trudeau to get back to work, call U.S. President Joe Biden and demand he reverse his decision that shut down the vital Keystone XL pipeline.


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Help me pressure the PM to demand Biden revist his Keystone XL decision. 
If enough people raise their voices we can make a difference. 




No Pfizer vaccines to be delivered to Canada this week

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, Canada has shamefully fallen behind scores of other countries in providing COVID-19 vaccines.

It has now been reported that Canada — unlike other countries — isn’t going to receive any Pfizer vaccines till next month.

Because of the failure of this Liberal government, clinics across the country have had to cancel appointments, leaving frontline workers and at-risk Canadians unprotected.

Trudeau should be demanding more vaccines from the pharmaceutical giants that have generously provided better supplies to other nations.

Trudeau failed to vet his “excellent” choice for Governor General

National Post

“When allegations about a toxic work environment at Rideau Hall began to surface, Justin Trudeau dismissed the idea of replacing the “excellent” Julie Payette as Governor General.

The country doesn’t want a constitutional crisis to add to the existing health crisis, he said in September.

Now, not only does he have both, he has a unity crisis too.  

At the end of a miserable work week, Trudeau had to call the Queen to confess that he had botched the appointment of Her Majesty’s representative.

Meanwhile, he was dealing with a COVID vaccine supply problem and brewing regional unrest, as premiers across the country expressed their discontent at Ottawa’s handling of the Keystone XL pipeline issue.

When Trudeau faced reporters on Friday, he attempted to contort his face into a smile, as he was badgered about Payette’s exit, but his eyes betrayed a secret desire to whip his tormentors with wire and then stew them in brine.”

Read the full article by John Ivison, National Post at the link below.




In the news

Last week’s straw poll results 

In my last e-newsletter, I asked folks if they were a fan of Rebel Media stories and videos.

Overall 82% of those who responded were fans.  

A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811.

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family during this COVID pandemic. 





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