February 16, 2021

Canada has dropped to 40th in vaccine procurement

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership Canada’s dropped to 40th in the world when it comes to getting vaccines for it’s people. 

That means only a tiny portion of our population has been vaccinated compared to other nations. 

Israel has vaccinated an incredible 76% of their population.

The United Kingdom has 25% vaccinated.

The United States has vaccinated more than 16% of their population.

Here in Canada, on the other hand, we’ve vaccinated a paltry 3.39% of our population, according to Bloomberg News.

We’re behind; Greece, Chile, Morocco, Portugal, the Maldives, Serbia and 33 other countries.

For everyday Canadians, failure to procure vaccines will mean Canadians will continue to be put at risk and lockdown restrictions will be in place for longer.

Wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year for 2021 the Year of the Ox

Should the national anthem still be played before sporting events?

City News

“National anthems have been part of the pre-game routine for decades, dating back to baseball games during the Civil War. Playing the anthem was often a support of the war effort.

But could the clock run out on this sports tradition?

It was reported that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wanted to scrap the anthem at his team’s home games. But that hit a sour note with the NBA, which overturned his decision. 

Fans calling into Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 sang the idea’s praises.” 

(Read the full article by Courtney Theriault and Kelsey Patterson at the link below) 





Magnitude of Trudeau’s incompetence now seen by all thanks to vaccine foibles

The Province

“During a global pandemic that has killed and sickened millions, one more task could’ve been added to the PMO job description: obtaining vaccines to save the lives of Canadians.

But that didn’t happen.


The magnitude of Justin Trudeau’s incompetence is now plainly seen by all. A Campaign Research poll released last week found that 52 per cent of Canadians blame Trudeau’s government for Canada’s appalling vaccine rollout. Only 15 per cent blamed the provinces.

Any politician who has knocked on doors during an election knows that voters aren’t very knowledgeable about the division of powers in the Constitution. They get confused by that stuff. But this year, they know who deserves to be indicted in the metastasizing vaccine scandal.”

(Read the full article by Warren Kinsella at the link below)





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Last week’s straw poll results 

In my last e-newsletter, I asked folks what they thought about the Liberals’ Bill C-6.Faith leaders and others have serious concerns as they feel it could interfere with religious freedoms.

I joined my Conservative colleagues in supporting amendments to the bill to protect religious and free expression rights while also prohibiting conversion therapy. Unfortunately, the Liberals and the NDP shot down those common sense proposals. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Have your say

Some have argued in favour of cancelling singing O Canada prior to sporting events. Do you agree? Or should we still proudly play and sing O Canada before sporting events?  

Have your say in my new unofficial poll. I’ll publish the results in next week’s e-newsletter. 



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