February 8, 2021

Thanks to our oil and gas industry, we’re staying warm this winter

Edmonton’s been hit by a deep freeze with an extreme cold warning in effect. The weather forecast has this frigid weather lasting most of the week too.

Fortunately, as the mercury drops we have a readily available made-in-Canada solution.  

Here in Canada, we have our good, clean and ethical oil and gas industry so we can heat our homes when these bone-chilling temperatures take place.

The oil and gas industry not only heats our homes, it powers our country, provides thousands of well-paying jobs and contributes billions of dollars of revenue that helps pay for essential services.

It’s a win-win! 

So a big thanks to the men and women who are keeping us warm during this deep freeze. 

Federal NDP and Liberals voted to keep Alberta oil landlocked

Next time an Albertan says they’re considering voting for Jagmeet Singh and the federal NDP remind them that this party (that’s keeping the Liberal minority government in power) doesn’t support Alberta’s energy industry — an industry that’s keeping our homes toasty warm during this deep freeze.

Trudeau is failing to get vaccines

My letter to the editor in the Toronto Sun about the mounting failures on COVID-19 of Canada’s Liberal government. 


Pastor in our riding says Liberal bill is offside

Guest Opinion Column

Bill C-6 is concerning to many faith leaders and communities, due to its sweeping scope covering all sorts of private and personal, as well as public communications regarding matters of human sexuality.

Even a short conversation at Tim Hortons will tell you there are diverse opinions on these matters, yet politicians have as of late joined in a lemming-like march towards ‘groupthink,’ where one particular dogma is chosen and all dissenters, no matter how nuanced or thoughtful, are simply extinguished.

Most of the practices mentioned as conversion therapy in the past, have been extreme and abusive and have long been abandoned.  Coercive or involuntary efforts to change sexual orientation or gender identity have no place in our communities.

Bill C-6 goes far beyond these straightforward directives.

(Read the full column by Rev. Ray Baillie at the link below.)




Ray Baillie is Pastor at New Destiny Church, located in Edmonton’s inner city, and currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer to the Edmonton Area Ministerial Association, a fellowship of area Evangelical Churches. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect any policy or position of MP Diotte.


Government action benefits from public accountability

Whether from the official opposition or an independent press, we need to hold the government accountable and push for the best solutions for our country.

Here’s a video of me questioning scholars on public accountability in a parliamentary committee. 

In the news

You said it

Last week’s straw poll results 

In my last e-newsletter, I asked folks what they thought of the Trudeau government’s vaccine procurement compared to the rest of the world.

A large majority of 93% said the Liberals’ weren’t delivering. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Have your say

Faith leaders and others have serious concerns about the Liberals’ Bill C-6 that deals with conversion therapy. They feel it could interfere with religious freedoms. Do you support the bill or oppose it? 

Have your say in my new unofficial poll. I’ll publish the results in next week’s e-newsletter. 



Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Public Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada

Alberta Public Health can also be reached by phone at 811.

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family during this COVID pandemic. 





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