March 15, 2021

I voted against the Liberals’ medical assistance in dying legislation, Bill C-7


I’ve been hearing from scores of people in our community worried about the lack of safeguards in the Liberals euthanasia bill.

Advocates for disabled people have been incredibly vocal about their fears that this bill doesn’t adequately protect the most vulnerable in our society.

The Liberal government’s rushed approach is also unacceptable. At the final stage before becoming law, the legislation has been dramatically expanded to include mental illness, without Members of Parliament having the opportunity to hear from a single Canadian in a parliamentary committee. 

Canadians deserve better, especially when considering just how serious this bill is. 

I voted against Bill C-7 on March 11, 2021.




A petition by Canadians against the Liberals’ gun laws sets a record

There IS a value to signing petitions. This shows you how out of touch Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are with average Canadians and law-abiding firearms owners. 

More than 230,000 people signed this petition! Kudos to every one of you for speaking up by signing it. Kudos to independent media outlet True North for doing a story on this. You don’t see much coverage of this in the mainstream media.  

As a Conservative MP I will continue to fight for the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Liberals crackdown on them while not doing a thing to stop the real problem —  gun-smuggling and gangs. Please share this post:




I voted to increase Old Age Security benefits for our seniors

An opposition party motion in the House of Commons passed (183-147) on March 8 demanding the Liberal government, in the next budget, increase the Old Age Security benefit by $110 a month for those aged 65 and up.

Despite how the Liberals love to spend money I’m actually amazed how many of them voted AGAINST this motion to give a little more money to our seniors.

Just FYI, I voted for the motion as did my Conservative colleagues.

New online voting system for the House of Commons passes early test

Here’s what voting looks like in the Canadian Parliament these days with most MPs using a new voting app due to COVID rules around how many people can be in the House of Commons.

Obviously, we’d all rather be “live” in the House but the app has been doing its job.

I need your feedback for this survey

Have your say. Tell me what you want Justin Trudeau to do for you. (Keep it clean, folks!)

Take my two-minute survey. Feel free to share the link. Thanks!





We must oppose massacres and other grave human rights abuses in Ethiopia

Recently I presented a petition in the House of Commons about the humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the need for Canada to help spur some international action to stop it.

There are reports of war crimes happening in the region including a large-scale massacre.

Human rights organizations are gravely concerned.

We need to push for an immediate end to this horrific situation.

Beware of Tech Support Scams 

Edmonton Police Services are warning Edmontonians about a tech scam where scammers claim that your computer has a serious virus problem.

Please be on the lookout. 




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A provincial MLA is proposing raising the speed limit on highways here in Alberta. 

Would you like to see speed limits raised on some Alberta highways to as high as 120 km/h?






Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Health Services or the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Alberta Health Services can also be reached by phone at 811. 

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family during this COVID pandemic. 





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